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Plant Foraging — Ramps: A Treat in Early Spring
February 7, 2023 · · Self-Reliance

Where to find wild ramps, their health benefits, how to start growing your own, and how to prepare this versatile plant.

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Using Foraging to Teach Plant Biology (and More)
February 4, 2023 · · Self-Reliance

I hope that this whets your appetite to explore and teach with the world of edible plants that are bursting out of every corner beyond your door.

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Foraging for Natural Dyes 
September 1, 2022 · · Homesteading

Our farm property is heavily wooded, so foraging for natural dyes was an easy transition for me once I learned the basics of natural dyeing.  

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Wild Plant Identification: Foraging for Edible Weeds
March 22, 2022 · · Growing

Add to Favorites On a sleepy Sunday afternoon, on the grounds of an ex-horse stable, Nate Chetelat presents a wild plant identification tour for a local gardening group. The focus …

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Foraging for Mushrooms

Add to Favorites By Christopher Nyerges, California Knowledge of edible wild mushrooms can really enhance your outdoor experience and give you a little bit of self-reliance. Yet, there is this mystique …

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Foraging For Prickly Pear Cactus

Add to Favorites By Christopher Nyerges, California Though generally regarded as a desert plant, the prickly pear cactus is actually rather widespread. Perhaps the only area where you won’t find it …

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Foraging Safely

Add to Favorites By Anita B. Stone If you want to meet a true forager, it is imperative to visit one who lives solely off five acres of land. I …

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Can You Eat Dandelions?: Benefits Root to Fluff
February 8, 2023 · · Self-Reliance

Can you eat dandelions? Benefits of these nutrient-rich greens, flowers, and roots are within reach in your own yard.

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Identify and Store Nuts for the Winter
December 29, 2022 · · Self-Reliance

Add to Favorites Scarlet leaves are among us as the nights become cooler. If you are starting to feel a little squirrelly, you are not alone. It is the chilly fall …

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5 Foods You Should Be Eating This Winter
December 26, 2022 · · Canning & Kitchen

We have five foods you should be eating this winter that have helped our family over the years.

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Homeschool Contradictory Confidence
December 26, 2022 · · Self-Reliance

A homeschooling parent needs to be prepared before interacting with people who don’t support or understand their homeschool endeavors.

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Matching Dyeing Techniques to Fibers
September 28, 2022 · · Homesteading

Experimenting with different plant sources from nature can yield an amazing range of color when dyeing wool or cotton.

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American Guinea Hogs
August 18, 2022 · · Pigs

American Guinea hogs could be the best choice for homesteading families. The all-black, small-sized hog is a champion at foraging for food and requires little to no additional grain feeding.

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What Can Pigs Eat Out of Your Garden?
June 15, 2022 · · Pigs

One common question I get is “What can pigs eat out of my garden?” The short answer to this question is pigs can eat pretty much anything, and a better question might be “What won’t they eat?”

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12 Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes
May 16, 2022 · · Growing

Growing dual-purpose edible plants that keep away mosquitoes is beneficial and practical. From the annoyance of buzzing in your ears to the threat of Zika and West Nile, mosquitos are troublesome.

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