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American Tarentaise Cattle
April 12, 2022 · · Cattle

When I first heard about American Tarentaise cattle back in 2015, I was intrigued to learn all about a widely unknown breed. My husband had a coworker who was raising these cattle.

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A Salute to the Mighty Come-Along Tool

Thanks to the fabulous come-along tool, an endless variety of monumental pulling tasks can be performed by one individual. In countless sheds and barns across this nation is one of the greatest tools known to man.

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Sheep Breed Profile: Bluefaced Leicester
April 5, 2022 · · Sheep

In today’s world, the term “BFF” is a texting shortcut that stands for Best Friends Forever. In the world of sheep, however, “BFL” is the common nickname for the Bluefaced Leicester, and it might as well be interpreted as “Best Flock for Life,” because of the wonderful characteristics of this breed of sheep.

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Why Raise Miniature Cattle?
March 31, 2022 · · Cattle

Add to Favorites By Professor Richard Gradwohl Washington – As 100-500-acre family farms continue to disappear, the small acreage family homestead farm is becoming more common. Miniature cattle breeds are particularly …

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Belfair Miniature Cattle: A Small, All-Around Breed
March 30, 2022 · · Cattle

Belfair miniature cattle are the first dual-purpose miniature cattle developed in America. Developed by Tracy Teed of Conway, Washington, Belfair cattle are 50% Jersey, from high test Jersey cows bred to a small 35” Dexter bull, developed for the small acreage farmer who wants a small family milk cow which will also produce a good beef calf for the locker.

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Sheep Giving Birth: Tips for Successful Lambing
March 29, 2022 · · Sheep

Over the past 12 lambing seasons, the main thing the sheep giving birth has taught me is that every season will bring a new lesson. I’ll never forget meeting a seasoned shepherd with 50 years of lambing behind him who told me that he still learns something new every year.

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Raising Peafowl on the Homestead

Obviously, it’s all perspective, but peacocks are good for some things around the farm. Peafowl are also curious and friendly, and they can be trained.

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Barn Quilts Rekindle Legacies From Past Days

Travelers discover many views of interest along highways, including barn quilts. Each mile brings its unique views.

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Homeschooling Homesteaders

I’m quite certain that many of you reading this are possibly already homeschooling on your homestead. But just as many may be considering such an idea and think it’s completely impractical or downright impossible

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Using Natural Fertilizers on the Homestead
March 5, 2022 · · Growing

Gardens are hungry creatures, demanding endless applications of fertilizer to keep vegetables, fruits, and flowers growing throughout the season. Unfortunately, many find their plot’s needs increase each passing year despite frequent feedings.

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Growing Your Own Spuds
March 2, 2022 · · Growing

Potatoes are one of the most versatile root vegetables to grace a garden. There are white potatoes, yellow potatoes, red potatoes, even purple potatoes.

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How to Build a Self Bow

If you’ve never given archery a try, you’re missing a fun, relaxing, and rewarding pastime! Learn how to build your own self bow.

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Single Loop Flemish Twist Bowstring

Bowstrings have been around as long as there have been bows of course. While the style and materials have changed, the actual function has not.

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How to Keep Varmints Out of Your Garden
February 28, 2022 · · Growing

There’s nothing better than the sense of satisfaction that comes from growing your own food — and nothing worse than the feeling of disappointment when a critter eats the fruits of your labor before you do!

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How A Solar Powered Car Could Drive Your Homestead
February 25, 2022 · · Homesteading

In 2014 when my wife and I decided to power our five East Texas acres with solar, a solar powered car was not part of the plan. But a couple of thoughts we had, changed our minds.

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