Preserve the Harvest Giveaway

Win everything you see here!

Sponsors Include:
All American Canner – 921 Canner
Dripping Springs Ollas – 1 small Ollas
Pomonas Pectin
Box of Pectin and Cookbook
Countryside All Access Subscription – 6 Issues

53 thoughts on “Preserve the Harvest Giveaway”
  1. All these products are marvelous, useful, and needed right now. The tomatoes are ripening, beans are coming off in a big way. I love this time of year!

  2. Such an amazing prize package that I know my family would truly benefit from. Love getting back into the canning/preserving.

  3. Im new to this today looks like an awesome contest and from what ive read prior i think im going to enjoy countryside thank you and good luck to us all !!!!!

  4. What wonderful prizes! Love Countryside! Know and love most of the businesses participating in giveaway!!

    1. Hi Jennifer. If you go to and click on the top where it says, “Preserve the Harvest Giveaway”, it will take you to a page where you enter your email and continue to the next page where you enter your name, address, and so on. Good luck!

  5. Have been a Countryside lover for many years and use most of the products listed. I’ve already started my preserving this year and can always use extra supplies.

  6. Why is this “preserve the harvest” giveaway, which is already EXPIRED, advertised in the September/October issue that I didn’t receive until NOVEMBER 7th?!?!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tracey – We’re sorry you missed the giveaway and sorry your issue didn’t until November 7th. Here’s some good news: We have a poultry giveaway that starts in a few weeks. Stay tuned for the first giveaway on Black Friday!

  7. Would absolutely love to have a pressure canner for foods that require one. I’ve only done foods that can be done in a water bath. Good luck everyone!

  8. What a dream! Way more to be saved over my steam canner. What is the deal with lower price pressure canners being so hard to find lately?!

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