Old-Fashioned Potato Pie

This old-fashioned potato pie is a creamy and delicious way to use up some homegrown potatoes.

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Preserve Recipes Turn a Bountiful Harvest into Holiday Gifts in a Jar

You could have a pantry full of superior edibles made from preserve recipes that make convenient, thoughtful gifts in a jar from your pantry or freezer.

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How to Cook Venison and Elk: A Healthy Indulgence
September 21, 2022 · · Canning & Kitchen, Recipes

Toward the end of the year, deer and elk seasons open. Avid hunters trek into the wilderness in search of wild game.

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Fun and Flavorful Garlic Scapes Recipes

Garlic scapes are the long, green flowering tops of garlic that have been planted in the ground. The first in my list of favorite garlic scapes recipes was pretty simple: cutting up fresh garlic scapes on homemade pizza.

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Making Herb Salts and Garlic Oil: Recipes for Imperfect Harvests
September 5, 2022 · · Growing, Recipes

When insects attack your growing basil or your garlic doesn’t grow to a desired size, don’t worry, you can still make delicious, infused garlic oil recipes and salts with your imperfect herbs.

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An Easier Way of Making Tomato Sauce From Scratch
August 5, 2022 · · Canning & Kitchen, Recipes

Add to Favorites You’ve mastered how to care for tomato plants. Now you want a tomato canning recipe, or just an easier way of making tomato sauce from scratch. Would …

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It’s Time To Preserve Your Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the easiest and most common plants grown in backyard gardens. Everyone loves fresh tomatoes picked from their own vine, but if you planted more than one plant, chances are you are drowning in them by now.

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Wild Violet Recipes

Wild wood violets are one of the harbingers of spring. Here are some tasty ways to enjoy this beautiful bounty of spring.

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Summer Green Smoothie Recipes

Whether making a green smoothie or adding summer greens to a fruit smoothie, these blended concoctions are healthy and revitalizing.

The last year or so of high school through college, a close group of friends and I would go rollerblading or bike riding along the river.

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Fried Fruit Pies
June 6, 2022 · · Recipes

I think most folks can agree that pie is a crowd-pleasing dessert. These fried pies are sure to be the dessert that you and your loved ones didn’t know you were missing!

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Easy Brunch Panini
June 3, 2022 · · Recipes

Brunch is a meal that doesn’t get enough acknowledgment. These brunch panini are exactly what brunch should be: a little breakfast and a little lunch and I sure hope you enjoy them.

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Treasured Coffee Cakes

Springtime is sure busy here on our little patch of heaven, and I look forward to the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer!

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A Homemade Dandelion Wine Recipe

Add to Favorites This dandelion wine recipe all started with violets. I know that might seem like a strange statement, but violets were my introduction to foraging. My neighbor introduced me …

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How to Grow Rhubarb: Diseases, Harvesting and Recipes

Add to Favorites By Teresa Flora – In much of North America, spring is welcomed with the tart and tangy taste of fresh rhubarb. Rhubarb is one of the easiest and …

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5 Best Rural Rice Recipes

Rice is extremely versatile and a rice recipe can go with just about any cuisine. According to Ricepedia, more than half of the world’s population (or 3.5 billion people) derive 20% of their daily calorie intake from rice — and for good reason.

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