Handmade Holiday Gifts From the Kitchen Guide

They say it’s better to give than receive, and handmade gifts from the heart are better than retail items. What about gifts from the kitchen? Those homemade, kitchen-crafted items don’t need a lot of time and skill to be an original and cherished gift. We have compiled these easy and FREE recipes for holiday giving, or just because you want to show your love and appreciation.

Our editors and contributors have shared their favorite recipes for holiday giving, and Countryside & Small Stock Journal now offers them FREE for you!

Download this FREE Guide to find recipes such as:

  • Easy Limoncello
  • Chai Tea From Scratch
  • Pomegranate Jelly
  • Flavored Vinegars
  • Mason Jar Cookie Mixes
  • Cranberry-Apple Chutney
  • Goat Milk Caramels
  • Marshmallows, Meringues, and Divinity