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Small Stock Magazine was founded in 1917 by Wallace Blair (actually, we can claim an even earlier beginning, because Countryside also contains Journal of Outdoor Enterprises which was begun in Kansas City in 1916.) Countryside was founded in 1969 by Jerry (Jd) Belanger, author of Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way, Homesteader’s Handbook to Raising Small Livestock, Raising the Homestead Hog, Country Living, Soil Fertility, and The Place Called Attar. The two merged in 1973 to become Countryside & Small Stock Journal, usually shortened to Countryside.

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

In every issue of COUNTRYSIDE, learn to grow and preserve the most nutritious food for you and your family; raise healthy animals from pasture to plate; cook simply and naturally; build it yourself and take pride in your handiwork; treat ailments naturally and take control of your own health and longevity; fix what’s broken so you get the most out of your investments; and create your own certainty in an uncertain world.

Backyard Poultry

Whether you are starting with your first couple of chicks or ready to take your poultry-raising journey into new territory, Backyard Poultry is here for you. With research-based stories and actionable guidance, you’ll avoid costly and tragic mistakes from day one. We’re America’s Favorite Poultry Magazine and darn proud of it! But what matters most to us is being there for you when you need an answer, a laugh, or just a friend to talk chickens with — we always have your back. We’ve been publishing for more than a dozen years, and with your support, we’ll add a few dozen more!

Goat Journal

In 2017, we transformed Dairy Goat Journal to an exciting new magazine — Goat Journal — and launched an online experience that welcomes ALL goat lovers from every corner of the globe. Today, we proudly publish Goat Journal in a print and digital format and engage with goat enthusiasts online here at Backyard Goats. Whether you keep goats for dairy, meat, agritourism, or simply for pleasure, you are in the right place.