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Choosing a Butcher for Your Pasture Pigs
June 21, 2021 · · Pigs

Raising pigs on pasture not only means you have healthier pigs and have paid less to raise them, but also that you have better-quality pork. So, you’ve taken the extra steps to raise your pork differently, now what? Read More

Minimizing Heat Stress in Cattle
June 21, 2021 · · Cattle

Minimizing heat stress in cattle can make the difference between life and death in your herd. Hot weather, especially if it’s humid, can be hard on cattle, and they may be at risk for heatstroke. Read More

Flavor Infusions for Goat Milk Cheeses
June 21, 2021 · · Home Dairy

Whether you’re making soft or hard goat milk cheeses, sometimes you want to spice things up a bit with some different flavors, textures, and colors. There are a number of ways to add flavors to cheeses to make them even more festive and delicious. Read More

Backyard Poultry June/July 2021
May 11, 2021 · · Magazine Previews

Backyard Poultry June/July 2021 — 16/3 is in homes May 13th, but digital and All-Access subscribers can read it NOW! Subscribe to Backyard Poultry for exciting stories on youth entrepreneurship and kids in agriculture, duck color genetics, and the best duck breeds for meat and eggs, PLUS All Cooped Up: Candidiasis! Read More

Hope for Male Chicks?

As farmers and homesteaders, we know that no matter how much we love our chickens, the bottom line is they are a food source. They lay wonderfully nutritious eggs, and if we are raising them for meat purposes, they will feed our family for a couple of days. Read More

How Do I Know if My Bees Are Too Hot?
June 15, 2021 · · Health & Pests

Add to Favorites One of my favorite places to be on our property is in the bee yard. I will occasionally sneak in there with camera in hand and just … Read More