Are You Stumped?

We have had plenty of old tree stumps on our tiny farm over the years. In fact, there have been as many as a dozen stumps scattered all around the property at one time.

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Cooking with the Sun

Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? Then stretch those outdoor living skills by cooking with solar energy.

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Homesteading After Retirement: Part 3
April 14, 2021 · · Homesteading

Is running a market garden business a good fit for retirement life? This installment of the Homesteading After Retirement series involves an area of homesteading that I have absolutely no experience in doing.

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Life on the Homestead Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many lives and livelihoods. Many of us have spent time hunkering down in our homes, eating too many goodies, wearing jammies and sweatpants with t-shirts, and swiping online apps, only to see hundreds of messages accumulate while we quarantine ourselves.

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How A Solar Powered Car Could Drive Your Homestead

In 2014 when my wife and I decided to power our five East Texas acres with solar, a solar powered car was not part of the plan. But a couple of thoughts we had, changed our minds.

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Our Artesian Well: A Deep Subject

An artesian well is a very handy water source to have on the homestead. Long ago, my wife and I visited our little homestead for the first time on a warm September afternoon.

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How to Treat Foot Rot in Cattle, Goats, and Sheep
March 26, 2021 · · Homesteading

Add to Favorites Thrush and an overgrowth of yeast are often behind a case of foot rot in cattle and other livestock. Foot rot in cattle and all livestock needs …

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Homesteading After Retirement: Part 2
March 24, 2021 · · Homesteading

Buying land or an established farm property is one of the first decisions facing you after deciding to homestead after retirement. First, research the area where you would like to settle.

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The Importance of Animal Husbandry: New Insights
March 22, 2021 · · Homesteading

Animal husbandry currently focuses on health, reproduction, and security. We have built efficient and hygienic systems, which have been optimized commercially for production.

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Fermentation Food Preservation Made Easy

Add to Favorites Do you want to learn simple fermentation food preservation methods that don’t require a lot of fancy equipment, boiling water, or slaving away over a hot stove …

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Homegrown Herbs: Growing Herbs Outdoors In Pots, Raised Beds and Gardens

Add to Favorites If you want to learn about growing herbs outdoors in pots, in raised beds, or in your vegetable garden, this book is for you! Homegrown Herbs is …

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How to Make Kombucha: The Big Book of Kombucha

Add to Favorites Have you ever wanted to learn how to make kombucha? Kombucha is everywhere lately, and the health benefits of kombucha are being widely documented by dieticians and …

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Homesteading Basics — Backyard Homesteading by David Toht

Add to Favorites Backyard Homesteading I grew up in an urban part of northern New Jersey where homesteading basics weren’t something that most people were concerned about. Aside from the …

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Homesteading After Retirement: Part 1
March 17, 2021 · · Homesteading

Is it your dream to retire from your career or day job and begin to live a homesteading life? The romantic idea of retiring business casual clothes for a daily wardrobe of muck boots and Carhartt overalls can appear to be a dream come true.

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Straw Bale Gardening Instructions Made Easy

Add to Favorites Have you heard about growing vegetables in a bale of straw? Are you limited for space or surrounded by poor soil? Don’t have the time or equipment …

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