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Dear Homesteader,

Last weekend my husband and I attended a wedding — the daughter of my college roommate — and as a gift we gave the happy couple a set of wine glasses and two bottles of my famous wild plum wine. You might think that young folks today wouldn’t appreciate something homemade and natural, what with all the fancy wine bars downtown and so many TV shows out there on the latest celebrity-endorsed wine from mega wineries in Napa Valley or Australia or something.

But I was pleasantly surprised when the bride called me today to thank me. She was thrilled to get something from the heart, she said, and they’d already tried the wine and loved it! In fact, to my surprise, she even wanted my recipe. It seems she’s already interested in a more sustainable lifestyle than many young people enjoy, and wants to try some simple homesteading projects at her new suburban home. She even wants my advice on backyard chickens!

Well, of course we had a nice long conversation about the best breeds for neighborhoods like hers — she wants chickens for their eggs, so we discussed Australorps versus Ameracaunas, and I explained what type of personality each chicken has and how productive they are.

Then, I decided to give her an additional wedding gift: a subscription to Countryside & Small Stock Journal! She’d never heard of it, but I told her, “It’s absolutely the best source of information out there for all the things you’re interested in — homemade, natural food, backyard flocks, gardening and all of that. And wine-making, of course!”

How to live a sustainable lifestyle

You see, whether you’re just starting out on your path to a more natural life or you’re an experienced homesteader, Countryside has exactly the information you need to make your life richer, more self-reliant and ultimately more rewarding.

Are you starting a flock of backyard chickens and hoping to build the perfect coop? We’ve got dozens of DIY ideas, from top-of-the-line to budget, all of them perfect for your flock.

Worried about another brutal winter on the homestead? Our articles on preparedness are practical and hands-on: What to put in an emergency kit, winterizing your farm vehicles, practicing power outage drills with the family, even starting a neighborhood mutual aid group. We even cover off-the-grid technology to keep you on top of the latest products that will make your home safer and more comfortable.

Maybe you’re trying to avoid using insecticides in your garden or orchard. You’ll get plenty of solutions to this problem, from fabric barriers to homemade garlic spray.

If you’re thinking of joining the goats’ milk movement, we’ve got you covered, with advice on everything from the proper housing of dairy goats to optimizing milk production to weaning the kids.

And then there’s the question of what to do with all the produce you grow: Every issue of Countryside includes delicious recipes for cooking with everything from peaches to pork! (And, of course, making wine …)

As you can see, we truly understand natural, sustainable living. We live the life, grow the produce and livestock, eat the food and protect the natural environment. At Countryside, we share what we know and love. Every article comes from our own experienced editorial staff (who, like me, are all experienced in different ways with the sustainable lifestyle), or from a homesteader, farmer, gardener or stock grower from around the country — who all tell it like it is, whether that’s how to make jam, start an agritourism business or treat deer worm.

In short, I promise that Countryside & Small Stock Journal will help you …

  • Solve the problems that invariably arise on any homestead, whether it’s plant-, animal- or equipment-related
  • Share your own stories and photos along with those of other homesteaders all over the country
  • Raise healthy, productive animals for food and for fun
  • Grow natural fruits and vegetables for better health
  • Protect yourself and your family from food additives and preservatives
  • Live a sustainable and even off-the-grid lifestyle
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labors in the garden, field, barn and home, all year long

A magazine to enjoy for years to come

Many of our readers at Countryside started out by reading their parents’ issues. Some of them grew up on farms, while others grew up in cities, went to college to study agriculture and became interested in a more natural way of raising food than the one they studied.

Some folks actually have homestead or organic farm businesses. Others just enjoy keeping a few sheep for wool. Whoever you are, and whatever stage you’ve reached in your journey, Countryside delivers the information, news, views and personal stories that make your own journey more enjoyable. Be warned: It’s hard to resist the lure of the sustainable, natural life, and many are the beginners start out with a couple of hens or packets of cucumber seeds and wind up with a life-sustaining business.

Of course, we know our readers can be just as much a part of the digital age as anyone else, so we’ve even made Countryside more accessible than ever. We still offer our traditional print edition, but for those folks who are on the go and want to take Countryside with them, we also have a tablet edition available, and even an edition you can read page by page, just like a tablet or print magazine, on our website.

You see there’s so many practical reasons to subscribe!

There’s just no substitute for experience, and that’s what Countryside brings you every single month. You don’t need to live next door to the world’s smartest chicken farmer, or strawberry grower, or homeopathic practitioner, because we have them all writing for us and sharing their knowledge with you!

Remember, you’ll read about everything to do with homesteading and sustainable living in Countryside, including …

  • Gardening
  • Poultry
  • Small stock animals
  • Homesteading
  • Preparedness
  • Living off the grid
  • Homeopathy
  • Agricultural business
  • Cooking & preserving

When you read Countryside, you continue to grow and learn about the simple homesteading lifestyle all year long. Your own expertise will grow along with your gardens and animals, and you’ll become more skilled and celebrate better health and life balance as you learn. No more huge grocery bills chock full of processed foods … no more time wasted on failed gardens … no more fear about raising animals successfully. That’s what I call a win-win-win situation!

So go ahead and become one of our readers right now. You can get instant access to all of our information and stories, and start becoming a more skilled homesteader immediately!

Yours for the simple, natural life,

Ann Tom,

PS: Personally, I find raising my chickens to be very calming and therapeutic. Some people even find their animals or gardens help with serious emotional issues like depression or PTSD. What homesteading activity do you think might help you feel happier and healthier? Find out with Countryside!

PPS: The food you buy at the supermarket isn’t getting healthier (or cheaper) any time soon. Ditch those additives, genetically modified ingredients and processed foods, and start growing your own the way Mother Nature intended. You’ll always have the guidance of the Countryside community to help you!