Preserve the Harvest Giveaway 2022

Be ready to preserve the harvest! Win fantastic food preservation prizes from our great partners to make the task more fun and productive. Sorry, U.S. only. Valid 5/24/22 to 8/9/22.

Preserve Harvest Giveaway


Wisconsin Aluminum

21.5 Qt. Pressure Cooker/Canner from Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co.

Walnut Creek

$100 Gift Certificate From Walnut Creek Botanicals

Pomona’s Universal Pectin

From Green Link LLC

Package From BFG Supply Co.

Fruit Harvesting Equipment Package

Preserve the Harvest Giveaway

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  • Examples: Canning, pickling, fermentation, freeze drying, dehydrating, etc.
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7 thoughts on “Preserve the Harvest Giveaway 2022”
  1. I feel fortunate to have roots established in a love for sustainable living. For generations, my family history is threaded with an appreciation for the natural world and all it has to offer. As the mother of two teenage boys, it resonates now more than ever. I strive to pass on to my children an appreciation for the smallest wonders in Life. Wonders that when harnessed provide gifts of healing, nutrition, recreation. A love for life and this beautiful planet is all that is required. Oh yes, a little blood, sweat and tears only deepens that love.

  2. I’m humbled by the great efforts and astounding results of all those generations who have preserved the fruits of our great Mother Earth. I aspire to follow that example.

  3. I’m trying to prepare for future economic hardships and to teach my children the beauties of life and nature and the hope and life that offers to us in a world where the human race is being strangled by technology.

  4. My daughter has a garden and a herb garden so I keep a look out for her. She is just getting into preservation. But, hopefully, I can remember how to do it, been a while…God bless.

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