Recycling Water at Home: Grey Water for the Garden
April 13, 2022 · · Growing

Add to Favorites Using pure fresh water in the garden — while sending only “slightly used” grey water into the septic or sewer system  — is considered wasteful in some …

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Family Trees

Add to Favorites By Heather Smith Thomas, Idaho Ron Kelley and his family are enjoying their orchard business in southern Idaho, near Weiser. “My father and grandfather were citrus growers …

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The Goji Berry Plant: Grow the Alpha Superfood in Your Garden

Add to Favorites By Don Daugs – We introduced our experiences with growing goji berry plant, also known as the wolfberry, to Countryside readers with two articles in 2009. The …

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Growing Strawberries Organically

Add to Favorites By Tim King – I am a strawberry enthusiast. In fact, strawberries are my favorite crop. The fruit is stunningly beautiful. It’s more than delicious. At their …

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Deer Fencing Tips to Protect Wildlife and Gardens
February 26, 2019 · · Fences, Sheds & Barns

Add to Favorites If you homestead near wildlife, you may have only two options: good deer fencing or no garden. “What’s wrong with sharing your bounty?” I often hear newbie …

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Special Section — The Country Water Supply; Using Grey Water in the Garden

Add to Favorites Using pure fresh water in the garden—while sending only “slightly used” grey water into the septic or sewer system—is considered wasteful in some situations. Where water is …

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How to Make a Homemade Pig Waterer
February 15, 2019 · · Pigs

Add to Favorites By Leo Muller – I would like to share with readers how I was able to make a homemade pig waterer for my feeder pigs without the use …

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How I Learned to Care for the Lavender Plant

The lavender plant is a very hardy perennial and once established, it will live without much care for five to 10 years.

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