evergreen tree care

Creating An Evergreen Christmas Wreath

An old-fashioned Christmas tradition is to hang an evergreen wreath on your door to welcome family and friends.
Wreath making is quick and very inexpensive.

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Cedar Apple Rust: A Disturbing Discovery
July 1, 2021 · · Growing

My family and I returned home from church on a rainy Sunday in May. It had been pouring for hours, but just as I pulled into the driveway, the rain stopped, and the sun shone brightly through a break in the clouds.

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Black Currants: America’s Delicious Forbidden Fruit
June 8, 2021 · · Growing

Black currants are easy-to-grow, requiring very little care, which was perfect for us! One spring, we were buying baby fruit trees at our local nursery and were excited about starting a small orchard on our 10-acre homestead.

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