flammable materials

Different Types of Fire Extinguishers and Their Uses

Not only is it smart to keep fire extinguishers in your home, but it’s also the law in many states. Many of us do not realize that a single fire extinguisher does not work on every type of fire.

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Are You Stumped?

We have had plenty of old tree stumps on our tiny farm over the years. In fact, there have been as many as a dozen stumps scattered all around the property at one time.

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Making Biodiesel: A Lengthy Process
November 21, 2020 · · Homesteading

When James began looking into the process of making biodiesel as opposed to buying petrodiesel (what we buy at the gas station), he was hoping for a cheaper alternative to the $4 per gallon that he was spending at the pump. While he did not find that cheaper alternative, biodiesel is much better for the environment.

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