Growing Cold-Hardy Vegetables
October 12, 2021 · · Growing

Many of us put our gardens to bed once winter arrives. However, by using an abundance of strategies and knowing which cold-hardy crops to plant, we can harvest food, even in snow-driven territories where temperatures may drop to zero degrees F.

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Fermenting Sauerkraut at Home
September 28, 2021 · · Canning & Kitchen

Sauerkraut translates literally to “sour cabbage.” Fermenting sauerkraut has been happening for hundreds of years. While we typically think of Germany as the kraut-eating capitol, France actually surpasses Germany in the average consumption of sauerkraut, but don’t tell anybody that I told you that.

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Your Guide to Growing Lettuce in Containers
February 25, 2020 · · Growing

For years I struggled with how and when to grow lettuce. So, I decided to try growing lettuce in containers.

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