Gourds For Farmers And Homesteaders

Add to Favorites By Anita B. Stone, Raleigh, North Carolina There is a legend that says, “If you give or receive a gourd, with it goes all the best in life; …

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How to Grow Your Own Halloween Pumpkins

Add to Favorites By Lori Fontanes Admit it. You’ve always wanted to grow your own giant pumpkin patch just like the one in the Charlie Brown cartoon. Add a few cornstalks, …

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Anyone for Growing Okra?

Add to Favorites By Anita B. Stone Growing okra started with a grimace but became a garden and kitchen staple. I remember moving from Ohio to North Carolina with my …

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Growing Cucumbers in a Greenhouse

Add to Favorites By Crow Miller – Growing cucumbers, like European cucumbers, can be a bumper crop in greenhouses. They differ from other types of cucumbers in many ways. The …

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Decoding Catalogs from Top Seed Companies
March 1, 2019 · · Growing

Add to Favorites Shopping for seeds sounds easy, doesn’t it? But when you open catalogs from the top seed companies, you’re assaulted with foreign terms. VF, OP, F1, PVY. How …

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