14 Ways to Cut Costs on the Sheep Farm
May 12, 2019 · · Sheep

Add to Favorites By Marvin R. Gray – With spiraling sheep feed costs and unpredictable fuel prices, flockmasters raising sheep for profit are seeking ways to operate their flocks more profitably and efficiently. Here …

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Spit in the Wind Sheep Farm

Add to Favorites By Alan Harman On a perfect Michigan spring day under clear blue skies you can’t miss them — Polypay lambs running around tree-lined lush green fields, or …

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Profits from a ”Lamb Hub” — Hi-Ho Sheep Farm

Add to Favorites Originally published in the September/October 2016 issue of sheep! magazine. By Jacqueline Harp Buying local is a substantial and growing trend among consumers, restaurants, small grocers and …

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Kids and Coopworths: Sheep Camp at Owens Farm

Add to Favorites By Caroline Owens – What do you get when you combine summer, kids, and Coopworth sheep? Sheep Camp! The 1st of February is a critically important day for …

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The Role of Minerals In Preventing and Treating Sheep Illnesses

Add to Favorites By Alethea Kenney – You don’t usually think about sheep illnesses when you look at a flock of sheep to assess the overall health of the flock. The …

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How to Make A Homemade Sheep Feeding Trough For the Pasture

Add to Favorites By Lewis Roy It’s easy and economical to make a homemade sheep feeding trough for my flock when they are out to pasture. I’ve been making this …

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Breeding Top Dairy Sheep for America

Add to Favorites By Alan Harman – A generations-long trek from the romantic sun-baked mountains of northern Greece to the New World has led to a pioneering American dairy sheep …

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Raising Sheep For Profit: A Cattle Man’s View
March 13, 2019 · · Sheep

Add to Favorites By Thayne Mackey – Sheep are a wonderful little beast. They provide food, fiber and all manner of agitation. This keeps the blood flowing and the arteries …

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A Hand Spinner’s Primer Using Suffolk Sheep Wool
February 11, 2019 · · Homesteading

Add to Favorites By Leigh Dudenhoeffer – I’m a fiber artist who is educated in almost all of the needle arts. I’ve been spinning wool since I was about 10 …

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