How to Make Bath Bombs: An Easy DIY Gift
December 20, 2020 · · Soapmaking

Often ball-shaped, bath bombs are dry, chalky, conglomerations that fizz and release fragrance when dropped in water. They’re sold as novelties, though additions like witch hazel and skin-friendly oils can add benefits.

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Safety Precautions: A Vital Soap-Making Resource
May 20, 2020 · · Soapmaking

When learning how to make soap, attention to safety protocols is crucial. Learn from good soap-making resources before you begin.

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How to Make Shea Butter Traditionally
February 13, 2019 · · Soapmaking

Meet Yinka Adesola. Yinka lives in Nigeria, and every year she processes shea butter to sell. Growing up, she learned how to make shea butter as her entire family was involved in the yearly tradition of gathering nuts and refining them.

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