Beginning Blacksmithing
February 15, 2022 · · Homesteading

Some of the best advice on self-reliance I’ve received was given to me by my grandfather while we worked in his blacksmith shop. “Never buy something that you can make,” he told me.

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How to Weld on Tractor Bucket Hooks for Additional Utility

Tractor bucket hooks are seldom a stock option from the factory, but nearly every farmer I know adds them at some point. A bucket with hooks is a valuable addition to our farm implements list.

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Minimizing Fire Risk on the Farm

Flammable materials are abundant on every farm and homestead. Barn and coop fires are an unfortunately common issue, but there are a few critical things we can do to avoid a catastrophe.

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The Best Way to Loosen Rusted Parts

Is there a best way to loosen rusted parts on the farm? I’m sure there is, but I’m more inclined to say; there’s the best way for each situation.

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