Fire it Up!
February 17, 2022 · · Homesteading

Last winter saw the coldest temperatures that we’ve seen in several years. And with that, we were stuck inside because, with ice and snow-covered roads and temperatures barely reaching a high of five degrees F, we honestly weren’t thrilled about going outside at all.

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Owning A Wood-Fueled Cookstove

Add to Favorites By Sue Robishaw Steve and I knew we wanted a wood-fueled cookstove when planning our homestead so many years ago, it was in the drawings from the …

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How to Build a Homemade Barrel Stove

Add to Favorites By W. Wayne Robertson – Many people are familiar with wood heaters made from steel barrels. This is a description of how to make a homemade barrel stove. An …

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How To Make Sauerkraut

Add to Favorites By Linda Baccei This is a method I adapted that combines getting things started with dry salting and then using a brine solution as needed. You will need a large …

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