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Abbey Smith

Abbey Smith serves as the Savory Global Network Coordinator. She is also owner and operator of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management with her husband, Spencer. The Jefferson Center is an organic ranch and accredited Savory Network Hub in Fort Bidwell, California. She grew up on a commercial cattle ranch in Indian Valley, in Plumas County, California. Her loving, large, loud family has lived in the valley for seven generations. Family is a source of joy to her. She attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. She also holds a master’s degree in Interactive Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno, where she graduated with honors. She developed lasting friendships in college and is proud to be well connected to friends from college and childhood. Her goal in life is to build a beautiful world for her daughter, Maezy, which is why she and Spencer practice and teach Holistic Management. Living in the rural community of Surprise Valley, California and being involved in a meaningful global organization is a dream come true. Abbey serves on the Surprise Valley Education Foundation board, volunteers at Surprise Valley Elementary school and is involved in local food groups. She enjoys doing yoga, throwing kettlebells around, gardening, riding horses, skiing and hiking with Spencer and Maezy. Her happiest moments are on the ranch with her family. She loves running and runs alone, except when in Africa. Learn more at JeffersonHub.com and Savory.global/network.
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Articles by Abbey Smith

How to Create a Cattle Pasture
November 22, 2022 · · Cattle

Creating the right blend of forages and grasses in a pasture to finish (fatten for slaughter) cattle is not as simple as turning the cattle out to grass. It requires timing the “finishing season” for maximum flavor and health benefits.

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What is Rotational Grazing and Why is it Misunderstood?
December 28, 2020 · · Growing

Many people want to know what is rotational grazing and why is it misunderstood? Good grazing practices are often thought of as rotational grazing, but this is at best a half-truth.

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How to Talk to Consumers About Grass-fed Beef Benefits
February 19, 2019 · · Cattle

Add to Favorites With Spencer Smith – The key to talking about grass-fed beef benefits is understanding why a conscientious consumer is interested in grass-fed/finished beef. Consumers tend to choose grass-fed/finished …

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