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Jamming with Rhubarb

Add to Favorites By Allison Carroll I love rhubarb season. Here in Maine, where I live with my family in an old farmhouse on a few acres, rhubarb is one …

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March 17, 2022 · · Homesteading

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Cold Weather Tips for Raising Hogs for Meat
October 7, 2020 · · Pigs

Cold weather requires some planning for any homesteader raising hogs for meat. In the area of proper nutrition, thought and extra effort must be given to available supplies of fresh ice-free water at all times for all classes of hogs—the piglet, the weanling, growing/finishing, gestating and the lactating sow.

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Working Morgans on Working Farms
March 14, 2019 · · Homesteading

Add to Favorites By Helga Loncosky Small-scale farming, sustainable living and homesteading often come with different needs than conventional or large scale farming operations. Economy, ease and hardiness often help …

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A Second-Chance for Horses

Add to Favorites By Shirley Kelly, Colorado The Horse Sanctuary Mission offers horses a second chance to be cared for, nurtured, and valued, and to provide shelter and humane treatment …

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Become a Horse Farmer

Add to Favorites Ralph Rice is about to live his life-long dream — to become a full-time horse farmer. At age 56 years, Ralph is on target to retire from …

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Homeopathy for the Homestead
March 13, 2019 · · Homesteading

Add to Favorites Alternative medicine holds a very important place in homesteading. Homeopathy is a natural, safe, holistic healing method that has been used for over 200 years. It is …

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The Catastrophic Dust Storms of the 1930s, in Retrospect

Add to Favorites By Karin Deneke — More than eight decades ago, a serious transformation took place on the grasslands of the Midwest, commonly known as the Great Plains. Thousands …

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Turning Trash to Treats

Add to Favorites By Justin Thaxton — Four years ago, my family broke free from the bondage of suburban living. After 10 years in a subdivision, we were thrilled by …

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Foraging Safely

Add to Favorites By Anita B. Stone If you want to meet a true forager, it is imperative to visit one who lives solely off five acres of land. I …

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A Simple Solar Electric Backup System

Add to Favorites By Ben Hoffman If the electrical grid goes down, I need a backup to keep my freezers and wood furnace going. The furnace, a wood gasifier connected …

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On the Road Again (Hopefully)…

Add to Favorites By Jim Cobb — For many, summer means vacation. Even homesteaders need to get away once in a while. Here in the United States, many families opt …

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Solar Water Heating Off the Grid

Add to Favorites By Dan Fink, Colorado Solar electric systems are getting a lot of exposure these days, capturing media and public attention with massive utility-scale photovoltaic arrays covering acres, …

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Wood-Burning Cook Stoves: How and Why

Add to Favorites The sound of wood cracking against an ax, the hollow thuds of the blocks hitting the ground, the popping and hissing of evaporating moisture as the fire …

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How to Dig a Well By Hand

Add to Favorites If you’re a homesteader, there’s value in knowing how to dig a well by hand. Of the three main types of wells—dug, drilled and driven—dug wells are …

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