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Lori Fontanes

Writer/photographer/backyard farmer, Lori grows more than 20 kinds of fruits, vegetables, cover crops and heritage waterfowl on land previously used for lawn. Her work has appeared in publications such as Backyard Poultry, Countryside, Acres, Grit and EcoWatch. Lori lives in Rye, New York where she serves on the city’s Conservation Commission/Advisory Committee and Sustainability Committee as well as the YMCA Cross-District Wellness Committee. She speaks frequently about healthy food and the environment for various community organizations.
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Articles by Lori Fontanes

9 Common Homesteading Supplies and Hacks
May 21, 2020 · · Self-Reliance

Nifty gadgets have their place on the homestead but sometimes you just can’t go down that often-pricey path. Don’t get me wrong — I’m a hopeless fan of wonky inventions (think egg flashlights and nut wizards), but even if you have the cash, you might not feel like cramming yet another single-purpose item into your barn or basement.

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