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New Life on a Homestead

After growing one of the best homesteading blogs out there, Kendra Lynne passed NewLifeOnAHomestead.com to Dan and his amazing team of expert homesteaders, with decades of combined experience and dozens of acres land. From raising any kind of backyard animal imaginable to gardening, canning, and even more advanced topics such as hide tanning, no homesteading stone is left unturned.
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10 Things Kids Learn From Homesteading Today

Add to Favorites By Rebekah White from New Life on a Homestead – Homesteading today is an idyllic lifestyle. While days are filled with seemingly never ending lists of tasks, dirt, and literal sweat …

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Dandelion Uses from Root to Fluff

Dandelions are considered a weed by most gardeners but the list of dandelion uses runs long. We spend a lot of time and effort weeding, plucking, and otherwise controlling or modifying our gardens and trying to get “invading” species like dandelions out so that our “edible” plants can grow.

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