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I grow my own food with a nice orchard consisting of 14 apple, 3 sour cherry, 3 sweet cherry, 3 pear, 2 peach, 2 plum as well as several types of nut trees and smaller fruit. I built my own greenhouse out of patio doors and I grow veggies year around. Besides having the plants, I also have a few animals on my place. 1. Honey bees for pollination and the honey. 2. Chickens for the eggs 3. Dairy goats for milk, butter and cheese 4. Pigs that are raised for meat. 5. I am considering combining my greenhouse with aquaponics
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DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
April 29, 2022 · · Homesteading

The kids and I had a wood-fired pizza at a restaurant and we liked it so much that we decided to build a pizza oven, not only for making pizzas. If done properly, it can bake bread, chicken, and for up to 72 hours after the fire goes out, it can be used as a grill.

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DIY Wine Barrel Herb Garden
April 11, 2022 · · Growing

A DIY wine barrel herb garden is a great way to have your herbs right at your fingertips if you wish. Have you ever seen wine barrel planters in the store?

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How to Build a Portable Pig Feeder
March 10, 2022 · · Pigs

In 2017, I raised two pigs as an experiment. I wanted to see how much work and cost goes into raising feeder pigs. The final cost of the pork was much lower then what the supermarket charges and the taste of the meat was superior.

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DIY Cattle Panel Trellis
March 5, 2022 · · Growing

As I get older, the desire to get on my knees to work in the garden becomes less, so I needed to figure out an inexpensive way to avoid all of the bending and crawling on the ground.

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How to Make Lard from Pork Fat
August 4, 2021 · · Homesteading

Leaning how to make lard is not only easy, but it saves money and is healthier for you than store-bought lard because you know where your pig fat came from.

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Adding a Metal Roof
March 13, 2019 · · Self-Reliance

Add to Favorites I built my house in the 90’s, and my roof is showing its age. I am finding a lot of asphalt particles in the gutter. And when …

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