From the Editor — March/April 2020

From the Editor — March/April 2020

Well here we are with the March/April issue. As I write this, the outside temperature is well below zero with the wind chill. It’s been quite a winter in Wisconsin with the heavy snow starting the end of November. It will be quite some time before we see any green grass around here but one can still dream of it and plan for this year’s garden while seed catalogs flood the mailbox.

I always start with a lengthy list from the catalogs, thinking I should try this and try that, but after I add up the cost of it all, I decide to stick with what I know and I start sowing my seeds from last year’s plants.

Spring is not only time to think of gardening but also time for those cute baby chicks! You’ll want to make sure those babies are always warm enough until they grow their feathers. I’ve included an article to help you decide which brooder heating option is the best for your situation.

Have you ever candled eggs? By candling eggs, you can determine the stage of development or if the egg has failed to develop and died within the shell. Inside this issue you’ll find a great egg candling chart!

Something that is in most households is lint. Some folks accumulate much more than others, obviously, but did you know there are several things you can do with that lint besides tossing it in the trash? Julia Hollister shares several helpful uses for it.

Heather Smith Thomas joins us to explain how to deal with diphtheria — an upper respiratory infection that is more serious and noticeable in calves than in adult cattle.

These are just a few of the many helpful articles and tips that you’ll find in this issue of Countryside I hope you enjoy it. I also hope to hear from you with any comments or if you would simply like to share a story or an idea with me.


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