Facts about Floods and Surviving Them
October 4, 2022 · · Self-Reliance

Tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes come on fast and strong. But floods can be just as devastating.

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Ideas for National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. Here are a few suggestions on ways you can observe National Preparedness Month.

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DIY Vehicle Emergency Kits

Add to Favorites By Jim Cobb Torrential rain, ice storms, engine breakdown, blizzards, flash floods—all of these and more could result in you being stranded on the side of the …

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On the Road Again (Hopefully)…

Add to Favorites By Jim Cobb — For many, summer means vacation. Even homesteaders need to get away once in a while. Here in the United States, many families opt …

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Sheep Gestation and Slumber Parties: It’s Lambing Season At Owens Farm

Add to Favorites By Caroline Owens – Lambing-time preparations on our farm have a unique twist. We do stock up on the traditional sheep gestation support products such as milk replacer, …

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