The Versatile Mint: Peppermint Plant Uses

Peppermint plant uses are endless; this versatile mint does a lot more than make a refreshing drink. Peppermint is indispensable in my herb garden and so vigorous I can pull handfuls up by the roots and it always comes back, as fresh as ever.

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12 Plants That Keep Away Mosquitoes
July 1, 2021 · · Growing

Growing dual-purpose edible plants that keep away mosquitoes is beneficial and practical. From the annoyance of buzzing in your ears to the threat of Zika and West Nile, mosquitos are troublesome.

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Growing Catnip for Home and Medicinal Uses
February 13, 2019 · · Growing

Add to Favorites A recent stroll around my backyard revealed that we are growing catnip among the wildflowers we planted several years ago. I was excited to discover this new …

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