What to Cook in a Solar Oven
March 13, 2019 · · Self-Reliance

Add to Favorites Several years ago, we added a solar cooker to our homestead tools. We have long, hot summers and cook from scratch every day, which was taxing our …

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Heat and Eat on a Wood-Burning Cook Stove

Add to Favorites By Gail Reynolds, Missouri – Among the most common of homestead essentials is learning how to cook on the wood-burning cook stove. For most Countryside readers, the ultimate …

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How to Make Elderberry Wine

Add to Favorites By Kevin Greer What a surprise to learn that the berry bushes and trees scattered around my ranch, growing wild, are elderberries. They’re everywhere, grow vigorously, and …

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The Countryside Cookbook — 100/4

Add to Favorites We have been publishing recipes that readers have sent us for decades, and most of those recipes will never go out of style. If you would like to …

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How To Select Canning Jars
March 13, 2019 · · Canning & Kitchen

Add to Favorites By Gail Damerow Canning jars come in two main categories, depending on the diameter of the opening. A narrow mouth jar, also known as a regular or …

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