DIY Fence Installation: Make Your Fence Hog-Tight
March 30, 2022 · · Fences, Sheds & Barns

When planning your DIY fence installation always remember: A good fence should be horse high, bull strong and hog tight—and for goats, water tight as well, some might say. But describing a good fence and building one are two different things!

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Cold Weather Tips for Raising Hogs for Meat
October 7, 2020 · · Pigs

Cold weather requires some planning for any homesteader raising hogs for meat. In the area of proper nutrition, thought and extra effort must be given to available supplies of fresh ice-free water at all times for all classes of hogs—the piglet, the weanling, growing/finishing, gestating and the lactating sow.

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Misery Loves Company: Raising a Tamworth Pig

Add to Favorites By Kevin G. Summers – I was attempting to be clever and literary when I named our new Tamworth pig Misery. I had no idea that her name …

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How to Make Hog Head Cheese
February 15, 2019 · · Pigs

Add to Favorites Don’t make the mistake of thinking pigs produce only chops, bacon and ham. You can also make hog head cheese. When raising pigs for meat, you’ll get many other products …

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