A Guide to Pepper Plant Diseases
July 17, 2022 · · Growing

Add to Favorites Hot, sweet, purple, yellow, wrinkly or bell – I love all peppers. If you find yourself wanting to harvest your peck of peppers, but are having trouble …

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Building Elevated Planter Boxes for Easier Gardening

Add to Favorites By Anita B. Stone Building elevated planter boxes helps bring plants closer. They’re great for children, disabled gardeners, or the elderly. Gardening can be an incredibly rewarding …

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Protesters And The Eucalyptus Trees

Add to Favorites By Christopher Nyerges Eucalyptus has been in the news because naked protesters are unhappy with the University of California-Berkeley’s plan to remove thousands of these Australian natives. When …

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Important Factors that Affect Growing Tomatoes from Seed
March 1, 2019 · · Growing

Add to Favorites It’s getting to be that time of year where everyone is forming their spring to-do lists and planning their upcoming vegetable garden. Why not add growing tomatoes …

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Water like the Ancients did … It Works!

Add to Favorites By Mary Kathryn Dunston – The joys of gardening are what bring us back to the toils of weeding and insect bites, dirty nails and waiting. The anticipation …

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Heavily Mulched, No-Weed Gardening Saves Water

Add to Favorites By Anne Hart Lieb, Ohio Heavily mulched, no-weed gardening saves time, labor, and water. Believe it or not, there is an inexpensive, organic method of making your …

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Unintended Consequences of Lawn Herbicides

Add to Favorites By Aleisha Djuricic, Wisconsin, Zone 5B Lawn herbicides don’t just kill weeds. All broadleaf plants can be damaged. My modest urban homestead is located a short distance from the …

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