Use A Phenology Journal for Homeschool Lessons

Wren explains how to create a phenology journal as an easy and exciting way to weave nature into everyday learning when homeschooling.

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Evergreen Tree Care and Diseases
December 8, 2022 · · Growing

Learning the basics of evergreen tree care can yield a bounty of useful products for your homestead. In addition to shade, wind insulation, and oxygen production, various evergreens can yield nuts, edible buds, as well as inner bark and needles for tea.

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Wild Plant Identification: Foraging for Edible Weeds
March 22, 2022 · · Growing

Add to Favorites On a sleepy Sunday afternoon, on the grounds of an ex-horse stable, Nate Chetelat presents a wild plant identification tour for a local gardening group. The focus …

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Edible Flowers List: 5 Plants for Culinary Creations
March 14, 2022 · · Growing

An edible flowers list doesn’t have to be exotic. Your own flower garden can supply your kitchen with yummy goodies.

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Purslane: Benefits of an Annoying Weed

Add to Favorites By Habeeb Salloum, Canada Rather than saving purslane benefits for the salad bowl, most gardeners weed it out for the compost heap. Yet, people have been eating purslane as …

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