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Jodi Cronauer

JODI CRONAUER lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Dave, and her three sons, Hunter, Timber, and Ryder. They raise Idaho Pasture pigs, Kunekune pigs, and American bison as well as Gypsy Vanner horses. They saw the need for animals raised properly in pastures outdoors as well as the need for them to be raised without chemicals and hormones. They strive to provide both at their farm and pride themselves in producing quality animals in every way. The meat from their pigs and bison is rich in essential nutrients because they eat grass as their primary diet.  Jodi is the author of Raising Pigs on Green Pastures (Dorrance Publishing, 2021). http://bookstore.dorrancepublishing.com/raising-pigs-on-green-pastures/
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Articles by Jodi Cronauer

Transporting Animals Across State Lines: Pigs
February 7, 2023 · · Pigs

Transporting animals across state lines can be confusing at best. Here are some tips to for interstate travel with pigs.

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Wintering Pigs on Pasture
December 20, 2022 · · Pigs

What could be more fun and exciting than seeing a group of pasture piglets running through the warm, green grass of summer? Not much in my opinion!

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How to Build A-Frame Pig Shelters
September 29, 2022 · · Pigs

We have found that our A-frame pig shelters are the best protection for our pigs when raising pigs on pasture. Whether farrowing outdoors or just providing shelter to your adult pigs, some of the important things to consider are shape, space, dryness, and function.

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Small Pig Breeds for Meat
September 1, 2022 · · Pigs

Smaller pig breeds have become more prevalent in recent years as more people see the benefit of raising their own pork.

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What Type of Pastured Pig Fencing is Best for You?
April 20, 2022 · · Pigs

You’ve done your research and found the perfect pasture pig for your farm. Knowing what pigs you want to raise is the first step. Now, let’s talk pastured pig fencing!

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Pig Raising Basics: Bringing Home Your Feeder Pigs
February 28, 2022 · · Pigs

If you’re just starting out with feeder pigs, these pig-raising basics will help you on your new journey.

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Bedding Pigs on Pasture
September 20, 2021 · · Pigs

It’s that time of year again. The nights are longer, the days shorter, and the temperatures colder. With weather like this, it is time to talk about bedding for your pigs on pasture.

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Choosing a Butcher for Your Pasture Pigs
September 13, 2021 · · Pigs

Raising pigs on pasture not only means you have healthier pigs and have paid less to raise them, but also that you have better-quality pork. So, you’ve taken the extra steps to raise your pork differently, now what?

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Weaning Pasture Piglets
May 10, 2021 · · Pigs

The time frame for weaning pasture piglets varies from breed to breed. Not all breeds of pasture pigs mature at the same rate.

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Raising Idaho Pasture Pigs
February 25, 2021 · · Pigs

The new pig in the pasture! The Idaho Pasture Pig breed has taken the homesteading community by storm this year.

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