Avoiding, Recognizing, and Treating Hypothermia Symptoms
December 28, 2021 · · Self-Reliance

An enemy lurks in the coldest depths of the land, taking thousands of victims. But it’s not wildlife. It’s the cold itself.

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Detecting and Treating Lump Jaw in Cattle
December 27, 2021 · · Cattle

Lump jaw in cattle is a bacterial infection of the jawbone. Bacteria are often present in the mouth of cattle, so anything that punctures the mouth tissues may open the way for infection, which can lead to lump jaw.

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Breed Profile – The Red Wattle Pig
December 27, 2021 · · Pigs

The docile Red Wattle Pig has a mysterious history among heritage pig breeds. Sadly, it’s on the Threatened list of The Livestock Conservancy.

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Are Rams Dangerous? Not With Proper Management.
December 27, 2021 · · Sheep

Many people who are interested in keeping sheep hesitate because they have heard that rams are dangerous and hard to keep. So, are rams dangerous?

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An Introduction to Angora Rabbits

Angora rabbits can be an adorable and productive addition to a homestead because of their wonderful capacity to produce a fiber that is highly sought-after by hand spinners and mills.

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Sourdough From Scratch

Baking Bread has to be one of my favorite things to do (and eat), and while I love all types of bread, sourdough is my absolute number one! Why?

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What Size Generator Do I Need for My Farm, Ranch or Off-Grid Home?
December 22, 2021 · · Self-Reliance

When most people think of Connecticut they envision a state covered in pavement and cramped little houses stacked on top of one another, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Surprising as it may seem, the majority of New England is rural in nature, dotted with farms and homesteads averaging from five to 100+ acres per parcel. 

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Putting Agritourism Ideas to Work on Family Farms
December 22, 2021 · · Homesteading, Horses-Donkeys

Add to Favorites Farming is tough. Often, farms stay afloat because one parent works outside the home. But agritourism ideas help both parents pay bills and create the lives they …

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Beyond Straw Bale Gardens: The Six-Week Greenhouse
December 21, 2021 · · Growing

A new gardening trend gathered steam in 2013: grow vegetables out of an agricultural waste product, with a method that eases the back while building soil for future gardens. Straw bale gardening drew a lot of skepticism. But it works.

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A Guide to Natural Cold Remedies
December 21, 2021 · · Self-Reliance

Add to Favorites As cold and flu season comes upon us, more and more people are looking for natural cold and flu remedies. My family has used and benefited from …

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