Farm Piglets for Sale in Today’s Market

How to Set Piglet Prices When You Have Extra Piglets to Sell

Farm Piglets for Sale in Today’s Market

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Finding you have extra farm piglets for sale can happen occasionally. Pig breeders have a product that is more popular at certain times of the year. It may be that more people show up at the auction selling pigs, or your main buyers may not be able to take all you have to offer. This can lead to a bit of a problem if you are not equipped to raise hogs to market weight. There are other alternatives to finding a good placement for weanlings and grow out pigs. When raising pigs for profit, it’s important to find a buyer, for the weaned piglets, as soon as possible.

How You Might Find Yourself with Excess Farm Piglets for Sale

Unexpected breeding can result from fence failure, or leaving the sow with the young boars longer than you should. Farrowing pigs is not an exact practice, even though pig farmers try to breed responsibly. Occasionally, a mishap occurs and your buyer may not be able to take the extra litter of farm piglets for sale.

The timing of the market is another factor when raising farm pigs. At certain times of the year, people are not interested in raising feeder pigs. Early spring piglets have a much better sale market when selling privately. Children participating in 4H need grower pigs to prepare for late summer and fall shows. Also, raising piglets over the summer is much easier than the work needed during the winter months. Feed costs are higher for piglets raised over the winter months because it takes extra feed to keep the pigs warm.


Finding a Buyer for the Farm Piglets for Sale

Keep this fact in mind. Every day that you keep the piglets on your farm cuts into your profit. When you have a sow farrowing pigs, begin to advertise that you will have pigs available after a certain date.

Buying feed devastates the budget quickly. Finding a buyer for your piglets when they are ready to wean is the best-case scenario for a profitable pig business. Here are a few places that might be good leads when you have farm piglets for sale.

Contact a large pork producer in your area. Find out what criteria they use when buying from private sellers.

Advertise at a local feed store. People who are raising other livestock are likely to be interested in expanding into pigs. Educate any interested callers that the average time to harvest is around six months. Raising pigs for meat is not a long-term obligation.


The local county or state livestock auction can be an avenue for selling farm piglets. Check the rules and regulations. The auction may have one night a week or month that is designated for selling pigs.

Use the internet to help you when you have farm piglets for sale. Check with online local farm groups. Post a notice on your own profile, or in a suitable group. You may not be allowed to actually post the sale details on the page, (check the terms) but you might be okay posting that you raise farm piglets for sale. Someone reading it can contact you if they are looking for a few piglets.

Ask the butcher if he is interested in raising a few piglets for meat. The butcher shop may have more customers for cuts of pork than they can supply. This is a long shot, but at the point, you are feeding extra piglets, you need to think outside the box.

Farmer co-ops are similar to a feed store but organized differently and often sell bulk feed. People shopping with the co-op are probably already raising livestock, maybe even pigs. These are the people you want to be in contact with. If someone doesn’t want pigs, themselves, they might know someone who does.


Check with Neighbors When You Have Farm Pigs for Sale

Neighbors and friends who may want to raise two piglets are a good option. In this case, be a responsible seller, especially if you know this is their first time raising piglets for meat. Don’t sell someone a single piglet. Pigs are social animals and can grow very slowly, and show depressed behavior when kept alone. Explain fencing needs and food requirements. Discuss with the potential buyer, how they will provide shelter for the pigs since pigs don’t do well exposed to harsh elements. And finally, go through the process of getting an appointment with a butcher at least a few weeks prior to butchering time.

Staying in contact with other pig farmers can be helpful when you have farm piglets for sale. Often one farmer will be unable to meet all of his customer’s demand for piglets and might be willing to send a customer your way.

Selling breeding stock might be an option if you can prove a decent breeding line. Check with the purebred breed association for your pig breed. Someone might be looking to start with a breeding pair of pigs.

In all cases, be a responsible seller. Raising pigs for profit is a game of supply and demand. When you have excess pigs to sell, your price may be lower than when your product is in higher demand. Know the health and history of your piglets and don’t sell piglets with known health problems. Keep good records concerning any medications, vaccinations, or injections. This is a good chance to find a future repeat customer.

Do you have farm piglets for sale? How will you go about selling them?

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