Why is Phenology of Plants Important?
October 21, 2021 · · Growing

Add to Favorites By Gail Damerow – I started studying the phenology of plants when I missed out on my fresh asparagus harvest one year. Next to my goat barn is an …

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The Importance of Animal Husbandry: New Insights
March 22, 2021 · · Homesteading

Animal husbandry currently focuses on health, reproduction, and security. We have built efficient and hygienic systems, which have been optimized commercially for production.

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How to Build a Foundation for a Shed

Knowing how to build a foundation for a shed is the all-important first step of adding barn space to your farm or homestead. Laying a strong foundation for any project is key to the longevity of the structure, regardless of construction type.

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How to Build a Goat Barn Using a Prefab Shed

Add to Favorites Goat barns are essential if you raise goats, regardless of what sort of climate you reside in. When I was big into dairy goats, my family had …

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Sheep Breeds That Pay Their Way
March 13, 2019 · · Sheep

Add to Favorites By Alan Harman – Karen Valley’s flock of 21 sheep, consisting of two sheep breeds (Shetland and colored Cormo cross ewes), tend to stay close to home …

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Plant Pumpkins Now For Fall Faces Later

Add to Favorites By Nancy Pierson Farries, South Carolina If you want a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween, a big pumpkin for harvest season decor, or pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, you can …

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Growing Cabbage: Discovering Oriental Varieties

Add to Favorites By Nancy Pierson Farris – When planning on growing cabbage, you have to ask yourself what kind of cabbage to grow. If you are planning for a cabbage patch that …

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Turning Two Outbuildings into a Cheap Metal Shed

Add to Favorites Romie Holl – On my property, there were two metal structures that I wanted to combine into one cheap metal shed. One was an 18 x 22 garage, …

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