Baking Blue Hubbard Squash

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Baking Blue Hubbard Squash

Countryside: Annette Snow asked how to cook Blue Hubbard squash and here is my version.

I used to send my foster kids outside to smash it on the blacktop, the Blue Hubbard is that hard to cut into and peel. Then I talked to an old timer at a farmers market who was selling Blue Hubbards and he told me I was making an easy job way too hard. Now I use his method.

Put it in the oven at 350°F and bake for an hour or two depending on size. I always line the oven rack below with foil, but the squash never leaks. When the blue color gets dull and you can stick a fork in it easily, like a cooked baked potato, it is done. Let it sit 30 minutes out of the oven so you don’t get burned. Cut it in half lengthwise on a platter to contain the liquid and it will fall apart. Scoop out the seeds and strings for the hens or compost, then scoop out the flesh, stir, blend or mash with butter, salt and some maple syrup to taste, a dash of cinnamon works well too. There it is, mashed Blue Hubbard Squash, the easy way. It works well mashed on top of Shepard’s Pie in place of mashed potatoes or drained overnight in cheese cloth and a strainer for Squash Pie. I just baked one for the Farm-to-Table group at the high school. They will have a table set up tomorrow for students to try different types of squash. I put a little extra maple syrup in this batch.— Barbara Bruno, Montpelier, Vermont

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